ADJ debuts wireless uplighter
Tuesday, 3 March 2020
adjThe new Element ST HEX will be available from ADJ Europe early next month.
USA - ADJ has announced the availability of its most compact wireless LED uplighter to date, the Element ST HEX. Building on the success of ADJ’s popular Element Hex, the new model features powerful output, and compact design as well as a full colour touch screen display for easy setup and DMX addressing.
Featuring four 6W HEX (red, green, blue, amber, white + UV) LEDs the fixture offers smooth colour mixing with an almost limitless palette. The inclusion of both amber and (cool) white LED elements means that it can be used to create white light with a wide variety of colour temperatures. Meanwhile, the UV LED element not only allows for the creation of the classic ‘blacklight’ effect where white and fluorescent materials glow vividly, but it can also be combined with the other primary colours to create hues such as hot pink, electric purple and lime green that aren’t possible using tri/quad colour uplighters.
Although the fixture allows for full colour mixing, through altering the intensity of all six of the primary LED colour elements, it also comes pre-programmed with 63 built-in colour macros. These allow for easy static colour washing to be setup without the need for any external control and also help to speed up DMX programming. Pre-programmed colour chase patterns are also included
An internal fixed lithium battery with a capacity of 6.6AH (amp hours) is capable of generating 73.26WH (watt hours) of power. This is sufficient to drive the LEDs for up to 15 hours using a single LED colour on full brightness, which can be increased to as much as 25 hours using the lower intensity ‘power saver’ modes. Once depleted, the battery requires just five hours of charge time to return it to full capacity.
“The original Element HEX remains an extremely popular product,” explains ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Its combination of 6-in-1 hex LEDs, long life rechargeable battery, in-built wireless WiFLY DMX and robust, yet intuitively-designed, body makes it a popular choice for a wide variety of rental, production, décor and entertainment companies.
“However, with the continued advancements in LED and lithium battery technology, we are pleased to now be able to offer the Element ST HEX as an even more compact option. Ideal for anyone looking for an extremely unobtrusive wireless wash fixture - as well as anyone with limited transport or storage space - the fixture also has the added advantage of a colour touch screen that makes mode selection and DMX addressing easier than ever before.”
As well as offering the Element ST HEX as an individual fixture, ADJ has also put together a package that combines four of the uplighters with an ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge. This bundle is known as the Element ST HEX Bridge Pak and provides an all-in-one uplighting solution that can be controlled from a tablet using ADJ’s Airstream DMX APP.
(Jim Evans)

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