Brompton Technology backs Bulgari in NYC
Thursday, 5 March 2020
bulgariThe party brought Rome’s exuberant style to the heart of New York Fashion Week
USA - Italian luxury brand Bulgari, known for its shimmering diamonds and daring design, recently held the B.zero1 Rock event to roll out the brand’s newest rendition of its B.zero1 collection, with Brompton Technology’s LED processing ensuring captivating visual experiences at the event.
Hosted by group CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, the party brought Rome’s sensual and exuberant style to the heart of New York Fashion Week. Full-service event-technology and video-production company Essay Video, that was subcontracted by KCD.INC for to run the production side of the event, chose Brompton Technology’s Tessera SX40 LED processor and two XD 10G data distribution units to deliver Bulgari’s vision on LED screens.
Held at Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn, guests were led through an entrance tunnel and into a featured concept room entitled ‘Exuberance Room’ where 36 ROE 2.8mm Black Pearl LED panels were placed on each side of an elevated corridor (72 tiles in total). The room was also filled with neon lights and 3-D cut outs of the word ‘Unapologetic’. Guests proceeded to don headphones and watch a series of videos on the screens, with the video and audio elements working together to create the feeling of being truly immersed in and inspired by Bulgari’s sense of style and spirit.
“Colour adjustment was key in making the content work on the LED screens and the XD units were imperative for the data connections,” says Sean Heiligenthaler, Essay Video project manager. “Having native 4K canvases on the SX40s, combined with the 10G capacity on the XD units, not only meant that we could run all 72 screens on one raster and monitor everything from just one window, but also we could drive a lot more pixels, provide full redundancy, and have a much cleaner signal flow overall.”
The ‘Exuberance Room’ was built out of a shipping container and placed as part of the event installation at Duggal Greenhouse, with all the system controls located in a separate room under the main stage just a few short feet away.
“Working with Brompton is always very easy, it just works,” continues Heiligenthaler. “The interface makes it very simple to map out the LED panels and to move them around the canvas to fit the content. The ability to make colour and brightness adjustments to the video output are made very simply to allow us to achieve an accurate image representation. The XD units simplify the cable runs to the LED panels, as well as making setup much easier.”
(Jim Evans)

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