Void Acoustics extends Bias and Air series
Friday, 6 March 2020
void-mainThe Bias Q1 joins the Bias family of Void Acoustics amplifiers
Europe - At ISE 2020, Void Acoustics showcased the latest additions to the Bias and Air ranges.
The Bias Q1 joins the Bias family of Void Acoustics amplifiers. It is a four channel DSP+Dante amplifier and has been adapted with smaller dimensions and is lighter in weight than the Bias Q5. Whilst operating from the same amplifier platform the Bias Q1 is still durable and maintains the impressive sound quality which end users have come to expect from Void Acoustics. It is multi-application and designed for use in bars, clubs, for corporate and live music venues as well as large-scale outdoor events and touring.
The Airten V3 release is the latest addition to the Void Acoustics Air Series. Having made significant enhancements to the futuristic-styled composite loudspeaker, the Airten V3 offers improved performance and is built for the exacting demands of high-end venue operators and integrators. “With its sculpted fibreglass shape and the fact that it can be custom built to a RAL colour of your choice it is fair to say that these speakers are selling like hotcakes across the globe,” says Mike Newman, head of sales & marketing.
Reflecting on the overall response to their product ranges at ISE where Void were exhibiting for the second year running, Mike continues, “The show was excellent and although footfall at the exhibition was significantly lower due to various global events, the quality of visitors attending was still very high and we saw customers from all over the word including South Africa, Armenia, France, Germany, Spain and the UK. In particular I am pleased to say we took some notable orders for the Airten V3 as well as the Bias Q1.”
As Void Acoustics enhances their product portfolio, the company has launched its new website.
The website has been given a significant facelift addressing the club, touring and commercial audio sectors, featuring the products relevant to each market to allow for easier navigation by customers.

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