Magmatic Polar Crisp now shipping
Tuesday, 10 March 2020
polar-crispmagmaticCrisp is a professional, high-volume snow machine
USA - Magmatic atmospheric effects is shipping the first snow machine in its Polar series of high-output snow effects - Polar Crisp. Crisp is a professional, high-volume snow machine with intuitive innovation that makes it easy to create scene-setting wintry settings.
Compact and lightweight, Crisp is capable of producing high volumes of naturalistic snow with the capacity to adjust snowflake size for greater versatility, says the company. Small flake or large, short throw or long, this 1250W high-volume snow machine can project snow up to 40ft with the flexibility to adjust to the occasion.
An all-in-one APF (Air Pump Fan) system together with an auto-clean feature lowers the risk of clogging and reduces the need for maintenance. An easy-to-open housing and serviceable design add to its user-friendliness.
Built to withstand travel and repeated use, Crisp features a durable aluminium housing and robust design for powerful performance that delivers on time, every time.
All Polar series snow machines introduce quieter, snow-producing technology. A noise-blocking layer of insulation reduces fan noise for quieter operation, making them suitable for more noise-sensitive environments.
Crisp uses Magmatic’s specially formulated Atmosity Premium Snow Fluid (APS-4L) to create a snowflake that mimics the look and feel of actual snow. Atmosity is Magmatic’s professional, universal fluid series formulated for use with all types of fog, haze and snow machines.
Crisp includes an onboard LCD touchscreen control panel with manual and timer control options. It is industry-standard DMX-512 and RDM controllable, and offers wired and wireless remote control options.
(Jim Evans)

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