MBSi introduces modular VFX backdrop
Friday, 13 March 2020
vfxwall2040The VFX Wall 20:40 is the first in a new range of modular, inflatable visual effects
UK - MBSi has introduced the VFX Wall 20:40, a modular inflatable VFX backdrop and the latest addition to their growing portfolio of creative production solutions.
Having already proved itself on a number of major productions, the VFX Wall 20:40 is the first in a new range of modular, inflatable visual effects backdrop designed specifically for use within the film and television industry.
Exclusively available through, and fully supported by the team at Pinewood MBS Lighting, VFX Wall 20:40 is supplied in a choice of VFX Wall Green or VFX Wall Blue VFX, depending on the requirement. Flexible and adaptable, the system is designed for creating expansive visual effects walls across backlot sets or for creating privacy screens to protect from prying eyes.
Simple to operate and easy to maintain and adapted for studio or location based work, the system requires almost no maintenance or specialist training. Under normal conditions, the inflation/deflation time is around 10 minutes and once set up the system’s built-in air pump monitors and maintains full inflation. For easy transportation between sets each wall is supplied with its own case, custom designed to house the deflated wall.
Unlike traditional systems, VFX Wall is completely reusable and installation leaves little or no impact, making it an environmentally conscious option.
Available in 20ft by 40ft sections, the modular, tough, waterproof blocks can be mixed and matched to create all manner of VFX backdrops, and with additional sizes arriving shortly, there is no limit to the creative possibilities of the system.
PMBS technical director Steve Howard says, “Through our close working relationships with crews we are able to gain in-depth understanding of specific challenges facing our industry. The VFX Wall 20:40 is an example of how MBSi has developed an idea to deliver a practical, effective solution which has already been a key component on a number of high profile film sets.”

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