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Monday, 23 March 2020
coronashow2bHighlite: "The true power of entertainment is you"
Europe - Highlite International has vowed to support its clients affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
“For almost everybody who is active in the entertainment-business our line of work is no profession. Entertainment is a passion which, for most of us, started long ago as a hobby and gradually over the years became a calling, if you will. How else can you explain all these short days and long nights building, rigging, producing, controlling and entertaining and doing the same thing the next night. Every DJ, bass player, singer and entertainer knows this feeling through and through.
“There is nothing greater than being able to put smiles on people’s faces, let them feel good during a couple of hours. Be it at a festival, a family reunion, on tour, during a fashion event or a children’s birthday. Entertainment comes in many forms as does joy.
“The coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to so many entertainment possibilities. This affects everybody who puts their passion for this line of work first. But sometimes you need a bit of dark to appreciate the light and there are always ways to find the right light. Of course, to be able to perform and to find the light you need the right equipment, no matter how large or small your event is. But that is not the power of entertainment. You need the location, possibility and know-how as well but that also is not the power of entertainment.
“The true power of entertainment is you. Your passion is your drive and your motivation is the energy to keep going when everything else tends to stop. And we at Highlite support you all the way. Because we all were deejay’s, bass-players, singers and entertainers once.”

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