dB Technologies backs preventive action
Thursday, 26 March 2020
db-technologiesThe company's activities are being managed by remote working
Italy - AEB Industriale S.r.l, the owner of the brand dBTechnologies, has said it will observe a period of temporary suspension of production activities in order to “decisively counteract a further spread of Covid-19 on the territory”.
Says AEB: “AEB Industriale is prepared to support any preventive action, in the belief that the health of our employees, collaborators, customers, and their loved ones is an absolute and unavoidable priority.
“We would like to remind you that all the company's activities managed by remote working will continue: dBTechnologies' users and customers may therefore get in touch with the company's contact persons via e-mail or phone.
“We also wish to take this opportunity to express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims in Italy and worldwide. Our thoughts and solidarity also go to all the companies and workers that form both Italian and global economic fabrics, with particular attention to entrepreneurs and professionals of the live entertainment industry, who were the first to be affected by the suspension of events throughout the countries.
“Finally, we feel like thanking dBTechnologies users who have been keeping in touch by sending photos and videos of the beautiful projects they have done with the support of our audio systems. Watching your images online and collecting your comments fills us with joy, pride and perseverance.
“Soon we will get back in the game by your side, with the same energy and passion that has always defined our company; offering you support, new challenges and innovations for the audio world, a domain we love and in which we have been working with dedication and inventiveness for decades.
“We’re sending a huge virtual embrace to the whole community of dBTechnologies users and friends. See you very soon, stronger than ever.”

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