Strand debuts theatrical luminaires
Tuesday, 7 April 2020
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USA - Strand Lighting has debuted a range of luminaires for theatres, houses of worship, TV and film studios.
The company announced a new LED version of the Strand Leko Profile luminaire along with an updated Cantata Fresnel. Also launching are he new Coda LED Cyc and Aurora LED Strip luminaires.
The Leko Profile and the Cantata Fresnel are available in RGBALC as well as tunable warm and cold white versions. The full colour versions feature an RGBALC (red, green, blue, amber, lime and cyan) colour mixing system as well as the SmartColor Control system first seen on the recently announced Vari-Lite VL5LED Wash. “With a full RGBALC colour system, designers have a wide range of rich colour options that help them achieve the same deep colours they once obtained with gels,” explains Martin Palmer, Senior Product Manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. “With the innovative SmartColor Control System, designers can now use LEDs to obtain those deep colours while still using classic CYM + CTO control.”
For better reproduction of skin tone and other colours on stage, the Strand Leko LED Profile and Cantata LED Fresnel are also available in two white output versions - a warm tunable white (2700K to 4500K) and cold tunable white (4000K to 7000K) variety - both of which offer a CRI exceeding 94 across all colour temperatures, as well as high TM30 and TLCI values.
Meanwhile, the new Coda LED Cyc and Aurora LED Strip luminaires benefit from the same RGBALC colour mixing system and SmartColor Control, bringing a wide range of rich, easily controllable colour options to footlight, graze, and cyclorama applications.
The Aurora LED Strip is available in both a 4-cell and 12-cell version. With pixel control of each cell, it’s easy to create split colours or gradients, making it perfect for applications of any size, from graze or cyc lighting to set piece illumination, foot lighting, and more. The Coda LED Cyc also supports natural split colours with built-in two-zone control.
Both fixtures have a fanless design, making them ideal for quiet environments. For television applications, the new luminaires also offer camera-ready features such as adjustable frequency to exceed camera frame rates and green-magenta colour shift for colour correction.

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