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Tuesday, 21 April 2020
adjAll of the Live Stream Lighting PAKs are available now
USA - Owing to the social distancing required to fight the coronavirus pandemic, live-streamed video has seen a surge in popularity over recent weeks. Individuals, organisations and corporations are all using this technology to stay in touch with their audiences, but many aren’t equipped with the necessary lighting technology to do it effectively. For this reason, ADJ has created a series of new lighting packages that are designed to make it easy and affordable for both individuals and organizations to enhance the visual appearance of their video recordings and live streams.
“With a bewildering amount of choice available, ADJ wants to make investing in the right live stream lighting as simple and cost effective as possible,” explains ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales.
“Our new Live Stream Lighting PAKs feature carefully selected bundles of lighting fixtures, with stands and other accessories included, that provide a one-stop-solution for live stream lighting. Ranging from a simple single light package suitable for individuals on a budget, through to advanced professional setups designed for multi-person broadcasts from churches or businesses, we are offering PAKs that cover a range of budgets and requirements. All the PAKs feature everything that’s need to get the lighting up and running, and all are designed to help make users look their very best when ‘going live’!”
The ADJ Solo Stream PAK is a simple and affordable package that combines an Encore FR20 DTW with an LTS6 tripod stand. Featuring a 2-inch Fresnel lens and powered by a 17W warm white LED engine, the FR20 DTW is a compact wash fixture that produces a soft-edged warm white beam of light. Designed to provide simple keylight illumination, this first PAK option is intended for single trainers, presenters, vloggers and influencers on a budget who want to quickly and easily improve the image quality of their live video streams.
Extending this a little further, the ADJ Entry Level Stream PAK features two FR20 DTW lighting fixtures along with two LTS6 stands. This allows for a more flexible lighting system that can be used either to illuminate two people on screen together or to light a single presenter from both the left and right side of the camera.
Offering a larger, more professional solution, the ADJ Basic Stream PAK combines three Encore FR50Z lighting fixtures with three LTS6 stands, a DMX dimming controller and three DMX cables. With a 6-inch Fresnel lens, the FR50Z features a 50W warm white LED light source and also offers manual zoom control for a beam angle variable between 8 and 50-degrees. This means the three fixtures included in this PAK could be deployed in a variety of ways depending on the application.
The ADJ Advance Stream PAK steps up the brightness another level by including three of ADJ’s Encore FR150Z wash fixtures alongside three LTS6 stands, a COB Cannon Wash ST and four DMX cables. Featuring an 8-inch Fresnel lens and powered by a 130W warm white LED engine, the FR150Z is the largest fixture in the Encore FR range.
Finally, the most advanced option on offer is the ADJ Variable White Stream PAK, which allows more advanced content producers to alter the colour temperature of their lighting. This combines a single Encore FR150Z with a pair of COB Cannon Wash ST DW fixtures, three LTS6 stands, a COB Cannon Wash ST and four DMX cables.
In addition to offering these affordable and convenient lighting solutions for video streaming, ADJ is also hosting free training (via a live stream) to help content producers, performers and vloggers achieve the best possible lighting for their video broadcasts.
Part of ADJ’s Stay Connected series of education videos, the session Light Up Your Live Stream will take place on Tuesday, 21 April. It will be hosted by ADJ’s product specialist, Jake Rhodes, alongside ADJ’s vertical market manager for the worship, theatre, TV/broadcast and education markets, Bob Mentele, and will cover both the theory and practicalities of achieving great looking video streams through effective use of lighting.
(Jim Evans)

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