OptoSplitter adds redundancy to AutoRouter
Tuesday, 21 April 2020
autorouter154The new product is available for shipment now
Europe - Optocore's AutoRouter has enjoyed a growing popularity in the past 12 months, says the company.
Now Optocore has announced the new OptoSplitter, a device which, when paired with AutoRouter, will achieve redundancy.
Take two identical AutoRouters - a main and backup device. All connections from any external equipment will now connect, not directly to the AutoRouter as previously, but to this new OptoSplitter. This splits the fibre signal into two and distributes it to both the main and backup AutoRouter. Both routers communicate leaving only one active at a time and automatically switching to the backup router when the active one is absent.
“This allows the system to work flawlessly even when one AutoRouter fails or is powered off,” confirms Optocore’s technical sales manager, Maciek Janiszewski. “Despite a bullet-proof design, without a single hardware failure since its launch, some customers have requested hardware redundancy.” And OptoSplitter is the company’s dynamic response to market feedback.
Finally, he adds that since it is a passive device it is not a point of failure. “Each connection splits within the independent optical splitter - the redundancy switchover takes place automatically and independently.”
While OptoSplitter is available as a complete new solution, all customers who already own an AutoRouter or BroaMan Route66 can add redundancy to their existing system.

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