Lectrosonics hosts Wireless Side Chats
Wednesday, 22 April 2020
lectrosonicswireless-side-chats-opening-screen-high-rez-for-press-releaseWireless Side Chats are available as a playlist on the company’s YouTube page
USA - While today’s wireless equipment is easy to use and designed to keep the thornier technical issues out of the way, many gremlins lurk invisibly in the realm of the airwaves. The more users know about them, the better their end results will be. That’s why Lectrosonics has produced the new video series Wireless Side Chats, hosted by vice president of sales and marketing Karl Winkler and available as a playlist on the company’s YouTube page.
Winkler, who earned degrees in stringed instrument performance and audio engineering, then embarked on a career in concert sound before joining Lectrosonics in 2004, explains “vital topics in a straightforward style that’s highly approachable for audio beginners”.
Originally broadcast on Facebook Live, the Wireless Side Chats represent “an opportunity for everyone to enrich their wireless knowledge from the comfort of home”. The term is a wordplay on Fireside Chats, the broadcasts of President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression during the 1930s, which, appropriately, were a tipping point in the cultural importance of radio.
Four video episodes have been produced to date. Episode 1 covers the history of early wireless equipment, the wavelengths and tenants of the radio frequency spectrum, and how availability of frequency bands within that spectrum has changed over the past few decades. Episode 2 identifies the seven most common wireless microphone problems and how to solve them. Episode 3 is an in-depth clinic about Lectrosonics Wireless Designer software. Episode 4 further explores best practices when using wireless.
“It was important for us not to have these videos just be an informercial for Lectrosonics,” says Karl Winkler. “We really wanted to help every creative and technical person who uses wireless audio get better at their craft. It’s my hope that everyone who watches this series will find something that does just that, whether they’re making an indie film for the first time, working in news, managing the audio department of a studio, running front-of-house concert sound, or anything else. If people have half the fun watching them that I did making them, we’ll have accomplished that goal!”
(Jim Evans)

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