Asher Postman delivers with Adam Audio
Friday, 1 May 2020
adamasherAsher Postman uses a pair of Adam Audio A7X active nearfield studio monitors
USA - Michigan-bred and Nashville-based Asher Postman is an electronic music specialist. On top of crafting his own songs, he has remixed artists from Riley Clemmons to The Chainsmokers. His tutorials garner six-figure YouTube views. Postman keeps his setup simple - he works in software on a single desk - but he recently got a game-changing upgrade: a pair of Adam Audio A7X active nearfield studio monitors.
“I first heard the Adam monitors when a friend from Detroit and I went on a writing retreat,” recounts Postman. “His name is David Chapdelaine and his artist project is called Augest, with an ‘e’. We had a cabin on Torch Lake in Michigan and his A7Xs were the speakers we brought. I was in the market for new monitors and was immediately impressed. I decided I had to get my own.”
Postman explains what impressed him first: “We were travelling light and brought minimal setups. There was no subwoofer - and we’re electronic guys who like subs! The low end sounded really good and we put things together that sounded right when later we played the tracks on systems that did have subs. I want to mention that the lower mids are really nice as well, whereas on my previous speakers they were nowhere near as defined.”
Postman also found that the A7X monitors helped him tune his Nashville studio. “My old room in Nashville was oddly shaped and I was getting a bad resonance at around 130Hz,” he recalls. “The Adams can already sound good in a problem room, but their accuracy made it very easy for me to find that bad frequency using measurement software and tune it out.”
Postman calls it his “old room” because it was damaged by the tornado of early March. Fortunately, his Adams survived. “I’m currently at my parents’ house in Michigan, and once again, I’ve never been this happy about having to work without a subwoofer,” he says. “If I get a mix to sound good on the Adams, it sounds good on anything.”

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