disguise adds work from home enhancements
Friday, 1 May 2020
disguiser17The new features are designed to help users optimise their workflow at home
UK - With its latest release r17.2, disguise has introduced improvements to help users optimise their workflow at home such as Application Mode and devise new concepts to connect with audiences online with AR and 360° video.
A key new addition in r17.2 is the ability to run disguise’s Designer software in Application Mode. The new mode enables Designer to run alongside multiple applications so users can perform tasks concurrently and effortlessly switch between its software and other apps. With Application Mode, users can easily pull content from the web into a project to work up concepts and share work-in-progress with others to communicate progress, gather feedback and collaborate better.
r17.2 introduces support for HTC VIVE tracking accessories which make it possible to develop AR experiences at home without high-end tracking equipment. HTC VIVE accessories can be used to emulate camera or object tracking systems, so users can work up AR concepts from lockdown in their home office set-up, living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen - wherever they choose to augment their world.
r17.2 also allows users to create simple AR screens without the need for other tools so they can quickly test out ideas for AR experiences. By making it possible to render layers separately, users can also experience better overall project performance and a cleaner workflow.
With the new Spherical Camera in r17.2, users can now render 360 video content, in disguise, engaging content for online audiences. 360 video is also a valuable addition to users’ remote production toolkit, enabling them to test out arrangements, gather feedback and gain confidence before sharing content. Users with a VR headset can also enter the 360 experience or share with others to view using a VR player.
Available now, r17.2 software is designed to help disguise users reach new creative heights at home during lockdown.

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