ETS launches industry toolkit app Toolbox
Tuesday, 5 May 2020
gobo-libraryToolbox packs over 20 virtual tools, including gobo libraries
World - An app designed to serve as a pocketable all-in-one toolbox for the events industry has been released.
Toolbox, developed by UK lighting, rigging and previsualisation services company ETS, combines over 20 virtual tools, converters and guides in a single app.
Designed to make it easier for lighting, audio, and video technicians to get on with their daily tasks, Toolbox includes DMX, power, weight/length and currency converters; vehicle, wiring and knot guides; information for over 2,600 pieces of equipment; filter and gobo libraries; beam and patch calculators; a decibel meter, and more.
The app is currently only available for iOS devices through the App Store (£9.99 for a lifetime licence) but ETS is working on an Android version, to be released by September.

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