Greensburg Temple turns to Chauvet DJ
Tuesday, 5 May 2020
thetemple1The Temple was scheduled to have the new fixtures up and ready for a show in March
USA - With its gritty industrial warehouse looks, The Temple in Greensburg offered a powerfully evocative setting for SxWxP when the doom metal band was looking to shoot a video for its new song Cup of Sorrows. Only one thing was missing: a punchy, production level lighting rig. The band decided to transport their own lights from their Louisville base to this small Indiana town 90 miles away.
As a metal musician himself, Doug Taylor, manager of The Temple, was impressed not only with SxWxP’s growling performance, but also by the way their lightshow generated a volcanic eruption of visual energy that swept over the whole club. “This experience made us realise that we needed to replace our 25W party bulbs with a real lighting system,” explains Taylor, whose brother owns the club.
Convinced as he was by what he saw at the 23 February video shoot, Taylor embarked on a programme to upgrade The Temple’s lighting system. His first step was to acquire 16 Chauvet DJ SlimPAR 64 RGBA fixtures, which he planned to install in two rows over the club’s stage.
The Temple was scheduled to have the fixtures up and ready for a show in March. Like so many other plans around the world, however, this one came to a halt in the wake of COVID-19.
By the time the SlimPAR units arrived at The Temple, the club was already closed because of the prohibition on public gatherings. Then the Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb declared a general lockdown throughout the state.
Following this announcement Taylor had two days to install his new lights before he could no longer travel to the club. Undeterred, he put up his two rows of new lights, ran a dynamic eye-popping lightshow and videoed it for sharing on Facebook.
“I wanted to show what these lights could do,’ says Taylor. “These are challenging times, but The Temple will get through them.”
(Jim Evans)

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