Martin adds zoom lenses to ELP series
Wednesday, 6 May 2020
martinelpzoomlensbannerads1080x1080fbMartin ELP Zoom Lenses will be available in Q4 of 2020
USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced zoom lens accessories for the Martin ELP family of ellipsoidal LED light fixtures.
Martin ELP Zoom Lenses broaden the functionality of ELP CL and WW LED ellipsoidal lights with two industry-standard beam ranges and two housing colours.
Their six-lens design promises “stunning optics, providing the ultrabright output, unmatched flat projection and crisp focus of a static lens with the speed and flexibility of a zoom lens”. The lenses feature a mechanical anti-slip locking mechanism and a convenient service hatch for easy lens cleaning and maintenance. A gobo/accessory gate accommodates A/B-size gobos, and a colour gel frame is included.
“Martin ELP LED ellipsoid fixtures are famous for their unrivalled luminance, output and light quality,” comments Mark Buss, product manager, entertainment lighting, Harman Professional Solutions. “By expanding their functionality with zoom lenses in a choice of beam ranges and housing colours, lighting professionals can bring new simplicity, flexibility and speed to their designs.
“ELP Zoom Lenses eliminate the need to perform the beam angle and distance calculations required to achieve comparable looks with fixed lenses. And, the optics are truly stunning: An all-new six-lens design delivers flat projection across a full zoom range, with consistent, razor-sharp focus - all with virtually no loss of output compared to fixed-lens options.”
Two variants are available: a 15–30-degree range with a 7,000-lumen output (ELP CL in High Output mode); and a 25–50-degree range with an output of 6,900 lumens (ELP CL in High Output mode). Both lenses are available in either black or white housing.

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