Broaman adds 12G-SDI support for MUX22
Tuesday, 12 May 2020
mux22-ivt-ic422picfrontThe BroaMan MUX22: now with 12G-SDI capability
The VF2 Series with razor thin 0.44mm bezel is ideal for retail, public spaces and control rooms
Europe - BroaMan has announced that it will now offer its Multipurpose Fibre Extender for video, audio and intercom (MUX22) with 12G-SDI interfaces - to support greater resolution, frame rates and colour fidelity.
The 12G addition to the existing 3G support means that BroaMan will not only continue to support 4K SDI transport formats but also routing and transport of high bandwidth data streams, such as 10G IP traffic for SMPTE 2110. Uniquely, the company offers not only single-mode but also multi-mode options for 12G fibre transport.
BroaMan technical sales manager Maciek Janiszewski comments: "12G migration is our step into the future. Our customers have been asking about 12G and IP technologies, and the new hardware upgrade will allow us to meet all modern requirements; it means we can offer pure 12G-SDI, pure IP or a mixed 12G-SDI and IP transport solution.”
He adds: β€œAt the very beginning we decided to use CWDM multiplexing technology, which is not restricted to bandwidth, to run multiple signals over a single fibre. The migration to four times higher bandwidth is a logical step for us and means we can keep the same form factor of our well-known products.”

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