Vox Church broadcasts live with Waves
Thursday, 21 May 2020
voxchurchThe Vox Church is based out of New Haven, Connecticut
USA - Sound engineer Eugene ‘Geno’ Mulcahy uses Waves SuperRack, Waves Axis Proton computer and Waves plugins for broadcast at the Vox Church based out of New Haven, Connecticut.
“Due to Covid-19,” Mulcahy says, “many churches, ours included, are now challenged with creating a high-quality web-stream/broadcast presentation for their parish. To achieve a smooth-running stream, we went along with a setup that includes a DiGiCo S21 with a DMI Waves SoundGrid interface and a Waves Axis Proton computer running the Waves SuperRack plugin host and all plugin processing handled by the Waves Proton Server.
“We are streaming live, so I create a mix by using Waves plugins so I can manage all levels once I set them in. Waves plugins directly address the input level at the video deck, and I am able to set and get the most consistent output level to video. We also record all the services for a future broadcast.”
“Having been an Avid Venue Profile guy for many years and now working with a DiGiCo S21 and Waves’ SuperRack, it is my first time using this type of a setup. We made the call to go campus-wide with the DiGiCo S21 as our base platform, and the only thing the console was missing was Waves processing. We purchased the DMI-Waves card for the S21 to assist with our broadcast. We had already been web-streaming to our other campuses weekly, and now we just needed to take it out to the world and up another level. So, I dove in and got quickly familiar with Waves’ SuperRack.
“I personally like the way it is laid out, as it is simple and intuitive and offers custom pages, all of which lead me to a simpler workflow. I am sold on this platform and how it functions, and the great thing is that it doesn’t take you away from mixing. With SuperRack, I have a simple and straightforward visual approach to plugin management, not to mention a simplified and smooth workflow that allows me to fully benefit from using Waves plugins, which are an integral part of my setup.”
Mulcahy concludes, “These days, working within the COVID-19 prerequisites, we are very mindful and adhere to all federal and local guidelines currently in place. There are a lot of balls being juggled on any given day, and Waves tools have become my virtual system tech and relieve a tremendous amount of stress. I cannot stress how critical it is to get a repeatable level outcome, and Waves plugins enable me to do just that.”

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