SSL offers Live console training courses
Friday, 5 June 2020
ssl-live-trainingThe programmes cover the SSL Live range of consoles
UK - Solid State Logic is providing a range of educational offerings centred on its SSL Live range of consoles for applications in touring, installation, houses of worship, theatre and more.
SSL Live training — which is being offered as on-line certified courses and well as off-line modules and learning aids — provides a comprehensive overview of SSL’s advanced live production tools for engineers and operators who are looking at SSL Live as well as experienced professionals looking to enhance their workflow.
SSL offers its live certified training - a six-hour intensive on-line video course led by live product specialist and live sound veteran Fernando Guzeman. Currently, SSL is offering certified training courses in both English and Spanish during June.
For those looking to become acclimated on SSL Live consoles at their own pace, a six-part introductory video series provides a comprehensive overview on console technology, design and workflow as well as in-depth guidance on configuration, routing and working with stems. These are complimented with an ongoing series of short format video guides, led by SSL live specialist Sam Bath, focusing on key features specific to the Live series of consoles.

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