Meyer Sound Ultra-X40 earns accolades
Wednesday, 17 June 2020
ultra-x403Copenhagen Fashion Week
USA - Meyer Sound’s Ultra-X40 point source loudspeaker has earned widespread acceptance across the full spectrum of demanding portable and installed sound applications. Featured at InfoComm Connected 2020, the ULTRA-X40 - which has earned numerous industry awards since its launch in 2019 - is already providing solutions across a range of applications.
One of the first ULTRA-X40 house of worship installations is at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. TC Furlong Inc. of nearby Lake Forest supplied five ULTRA-X40 loudspeakers for overflow and special event support, with calibration by owner TC Furlong. “The phase looked like a flat line from 125 Hertz to 20 kilohertz,” comments Furlong.
The same new technology was supplied to City Church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma by Fort Collins, Colorado-based Octane Audio. The new point-source loudspeakers serve as out-fills and delays within a larger Meyer Sound system.
Ultra-X40 loudspeakers were selected for both mains and delay systems for a complete audio renovation at Austria CentreVienna (ACV), the capital city’s expansive international conference venue. ACV currently claims the largest permanent installation of Ultra-X40, with a total of 34 loudspeakers in seven different halls.“
Ultra-X40 loudspeakers are featured as side-fills in a smaller room at CenterStaging, Southern California’s premier rehearsal facility.
Corporate rental companies have enthusiastically adopted the Ultra-X40, including Danish partner ShowTech Event Group, which integrated the new loudspeakers into systems for Copenhagen Fashion Week last August.
Ultra-X40 made its nightclub debut at Zappa in Tel Aviv, Israel, with seven of the loudspeakers installed along with new UPQ-D2 systems.
For the 2019 edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival, Ultra-X40 systems served as the mains for two of the smaller venues, La Coupole at the House of Jazz and Terrasse ibis MUSIC. At Denmark’s massive Roskilde Festival, the loudspeakers were widely deployed for delay and front-fill support, and also served as reference monitors at FOH mix positions.
Moulin Rouge! The Musical marks the first use of Ultra-X40 on Broadway. When the production moved from Boston to New York, the team wanted to incorporate more lower-profile speakers to allow better sightlines. ULTRA-X40 was ideally suited to the role.

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