Ayrton unleashes long throw Karif-LT
Tuesday, 23 June 2020
ayrton-karif-ltAyrton’s Karif-LT is the first in its new line of Long Throw products
France - Ayrton has introduced Karif-LT, its ultra-compact 300W LED beam-spot, and the first in Ayrton’s new line of LT (Long Throw) products dedicated to long-range applications.
Karif-LT is equipped with a 168mm frontal lens offering a zoom ratio of 17:1 and a 2.8°- 47° zoom range, the narrowness of which is unprecedented and unmatched in an LED fixture, says the company. A new high-efficiency, low-etendue, compact LED module delivers an ultra-intense beam which, calibrated at 8500K, can generate powerful metallic white light and deep, vivid colours. Karif-LT has an overall output of 13,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 7500K, and a centre-beam luminous intensity of 3,500,000 candelas.
Billed as ‘a creative wizard’, Karif-LT’s rich feature set includes a CMY colour mixing system, a patent pending multi-position CTO wheel with seven different colour correction filters, a wheel of 13 complementary colours for infinite pastel hues and saturated colours, nine interchangeable rotating HD glass gobos and a new innovation in the form of a wheel with 39 fixed gobos (patent pending).
Karif-LT also has a glass monochrome multi-position, bi-directional effects wheel, and a prism effect system comprising four combinable rotating prisms which, coupled with an ultra-intense beam, can achieve complex effects. Standard features also include light and heavy frost filters, a dynamic animation effect with speed and fade adjustment and an electronic dimmer. Karif-LT is shipping with immediate effect.
View the newly released Karif-LT presentation video at ayrton.eu/tube and vimeo.com/427054120

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