ArKaos and NovaStar offer HDR solution
Thursday, 25 June 2020
arkaos-novastar-mediamaster-6-presentation2The preview version of ArKaos’ MediaMaster 6 is available now
Europe - Realtime live visual technology specialist ArKaos and global LED display control solutions provider NovaStar Tech have teamed up to announce a strategic collaboration.
With the new release of ArKaos’ flagship MediaMaster 6.0 video control software platform, and NovaStar’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) ecosystem, much more of the world is coming to everyone, say the developers.
The preview version of ArKaos’ MediaMaster 6 is available today and allow users to test this HDR implementation.
The NovaStar HDR solution increases the dynamic range of the display image quality by nearly 5 times (from standard SDR systems), and the grayscale by four times, and up to 10 bits. The colour is fuller, the images look more exquisite and more realistic. The NovaStar MCTRL 4K Controller + A8s / A10s Plus receiving cards bring accurate analysis and the perfect display of HDR standard film sources.
ArKaos’ managing director Agnes Wojewoda comments: “We are very excited by the introduction of this HDR Playback Solution that will provide amazing video results and a friendly user experience”.
MediaMaster users can benefit from all the visual advantages that using NovaStar’s HDR display technologies brings to their work, a platform designed specifically to emulate the intricacies and detail of the human vision system (HVS) more closely.
ArKaos’ CEO Marco Hinic states: “This will assist everyone in the AV industry to move towards HDR solutions more quickly and easily. We have enjoyed some great teamwork and synergy with NovaStar and, in the process, widened the scope and creative options available for visual designers and anyone creating and compiling show and presentation video content.”
NovaStar’s vice-president Aaron adds: “Alone we can do so little; and together we can do so much. We are delighted to join forces with ArKaos, and I believe this will push HDR and better display solutions for all show and design creators.”

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