Canopy by Hilton installs DAS Audio
Tuesday, 7 July 2020
rooftoppoollite-768x576The rooftop pool at the Canopy
USA - As a bright and fun landmark in the heart of West Palm Beach, the Canopy by Hilton is a new boutique lifestyle hotel with a stunning glass façade and fibre optic art hanging in the atrium. To ensure quality sound reproduction for their guests, management invested in the installation of a healthy assortment of loudspeakers from DAS Audio.
‘Skinny’ Greg Gilman, who is involved in a wide range of sound and music endeavors throughout the West Palm Beach area, including being a well-known DJ, was contracted to manage the Canopy’s sound system installation. Working in conjunction with Oakland Park, FL-based TM Sound, an AV design/build firm, the combined team deployed an assortment of DAS loudspeakers that drew from the company’s WR, Quantum, and Artec Series catalogues. Gilman discussed the project.
“Most of the install inside the hotel is a blend of a stereo sound system reinforced by distributed audio, Gilman explains. “The entryway of the lobby has two Quantum 23-TW loudspeakers, which provide guests entering the premises their first taste of the venue’s high quality sound. Inside the Banter restaurant, there are two Artec 310.96-W loudspeakers that fill the room effortlessly - without the need for increased volume. This setup provides balanced sound, enabling servers to interact comfortably with their guests, and for the guests to enjoy fine dining accompanied by great sound.
“Moving up to the 13th Floor, the Treehouse is intended to offer guests an exquisite nightlife experience without having to leave the hotel,” Gilman continued, “so we installed four Artec 506-W loudspeakers, one in each corner facing toward the centre of the room. These are accompanied by two Quantum 10-W subwoofers, which reside next to the couches. Treehouse also features an outdoor bar and patio area, which is equipped with four DAS WR-8826-DXW loudspeakers. Our greatest challenge in this area was to offer incredible sound and high energy - without disturbing the neighbours.”
Gilman adds: “For the pool, we installed six WR-6412-DXW loudspeakers and supported them with two WR-322-DX subwoofers, which are hidden in the planter areas. This is where the owners asked us to ensure the sound would be very high energy, and this combination of loudspeakers certainly delivered. I should also add that DAS power amplifiers drive every single loudspeaker throughout the entire hotel.”
The new DAS Audio sound systems were installed during February and they went live immediately. Since that time, both hotel management and guests have been impressed with their performance.
(Jim Evans)

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