HK Audio unveils Premium PR:0 D2 family
Monday, 20 July 2020
hkaudioprod27The speakers can be combined flexibly for the most varied of requirements
Germany - HK Audio has unveiled Premium PR:O D2, the latest addition to the PremiumPR:O family of loudspeakers.
The Premium PR:O D2 series consists of five DSP-controlled full-range and multifunctional speakers (the PR:O 110 XD2, PR:O 112 FD2, PR:O 112 XD2, PR:O 115 FD2 and PR:O 115 XD2), as well as the PR:O 210 Sub D2 and PR:O 118 Sub D2 subwoofers. The PR:O D2 series uses premium components and DSP electronics with advanced FIR filtering for intuitive and practical operation, and their low-resonance wooden cabinets for powerful bass reproduction offer a maximum sound pressure of up to 132 dB.
In line with the modular principle, the speakers can be combined flexibly for the most varied of requirements, from standalone, 2.1 and monitor setups to full-stack applications, says the company. “These combination options make Premium PR:O D2 suitable for a wide range of installations where excellent speech intelligibility and transparent reproduction is required. All PR:O D2 speakers (except the PR:0 210 SUB D2 subwoofer) can be used together with PREMIUM PR:O legacy speakers.”
Sturdy metal front grilles not only adds to the visual appeal, but also give the speakers the necessary protection during operation. The new MultiGrip handles make handling the speakers a breeze in any position and also facilitate professional rigging using the familiar HK Audio tilt brackets.
The PR:O 110 XD2, PR:O 112 XD2 and PR:O 115 XD2 are billed as “genuine all-rounders that can be used as satellites, compact full-range speakers or low-profile stage monitors”. Their well-balanced frequency response ensures low feedback and means they can be adapted to various applications using the Music/Speech controller.
The PR:O 112 FD2 and PR:O 115 FD2 are active full-range speakers in the classic 12″/1″ and 15”/1” formats, and offer a well-balanced sound pattern, quality speech intelligibility and generous amounts of SPL. Both are suitable as a satellite in combination with the PR:O 118 SUB D2 bass, although the PR:O 115 FD2’s extended low-mid and bass reproduction – thanks to its 15” speaker – make it well-suited for standalone use without an additional subwoofer.
The PR:O 118 SUB D2 and PR:O 210 SUB D2 subwoofers offer “deep and powerful low-end in the 1x18” and 2x10” woofer formats. Both feature stereo preamps and corresponding outputs, meaning they can be used in many diverse applications”.
Rüdiger Forse, HK Audio’s senior product manager, said: “Premium PR:O has been the German audio standard for decades now, with over 200,000 speakers sold – and now D2 takes the family to a whole new level! With improved performance, features and looks, the D2 series is the perfect reliable road partner for musicians and audio engineers everywhere.”

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