Linea Research powers redesigned resort
Friday, 24 July 2020
istra-premium-camping-resort-looby-barThe resort recently underwent a major renovation project
Croatia - With its seaside villages, white beaches, hilltop views, and Mediterranean climate, Croatia’s Istrian coast is a popular holiday destination on the Adriatic Sea.
The five-star Istra Premium Camping Resort in the coastal village of Funtana is one of the area’s most-sought locations.
The resort recently underwent a major renovation project including all new audio and video systems featuring Biamp DSP and powered by Linea Research amplification. As Tomislav Stubičan of Hust d.o.o. in Zagreb explains, the resort’s many different spaces and diverse requirements made it a complex project.
“It was extremely challenging to satisfy all the different wishes expressed by the architects, designers, and the investors, the Valamar Group,” Stubičan remarks. “The goal was to harmonize the latest technology with the resort’s high standards of elegance and the surrounding nature.”
The complex is divided into more than 40 multi-zones that can be individually monitored and managed in various configurations, including the central mall building, the pool and surrounding complex, as well as the commercial centre, movie theatre, sports complex, and digital gaming area.
Audio is distributed throughout the complex via a Dante network, with a Biamp Tesira DSP sending to over 100 loudspeakers from Community, TOA, and Apart.
The system is powered by just two Linea Research 8-channel amplifiers – one 88C10 and one 88C6, both Dante-enabled. As Stubičan observes, the Linea amps particularly shine in the movie theatre, where they power a Community IV6 system.
“The Linea Research amplifiers are simply the most powerful and versatile amplifiers available,” Stubičan reports. “The sound in the theatre is truly astonishing, and we have just two amplifiers driving pretty much the entire system. Linea Research was truly the ideal choice for this project.”
Video for the system is handled via a Crestron based system, with Epson EB-Series projectors hitting Screenline screens.
“For this project, we dedicated ourselves to creating an atmosphere and environments that truly touched all the senses, and corresponded to the high standards of the Valamar Group,” Stubičan concludes. “With some careful design and the best products available, the project has been a tremendous success.”
(Jim Evans)

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