Prolights on stage with Taco Hemingway
Wednesday, 29 July 2020
prolightsthe rapper played Warsaw's Torwar, Katowice's MCK and Studio in Krakow
Poland - Prolights products gave light to Pocztówka z Polski Tour 20 (Postcards from Poland 20) which featured popular Polish rap artist, Taco Hemingway.
Gwidon Wydrzyński, lighting designer at Źle i Tanio realised an impactful set-up. “Because of the spread of Covid-19, we played just half of the tour. Nevertheless, shows took place in Warsaw, Kracow, Opole, Katowice and Rzeszów, and Taco Hemingway played in really big venues, like Warsaw's Torwar and Katowice's MCK, but not only- as well in big clubs like Studio, in Cracow.
“To light up the stage and the artist, I used Prolights Stark Bar1000 up in the back of the stage, SunBlast 3000FC as ambient lights around it, and Air 5Fan on the towers on the back. I decided to use these particular fixtures because of their unique and specific features: StarkBar 1000 provide a wide range of colours and powerful zoom and tilt; SunBlast 3000FC are equipped with a powerful unit, including strobe with some colour on it. The Air5Fan fixtures are extremely versatile, to say the least: colourful, equipped with mirrors to reflect the light coming from other sources and possibility of spreading beam. Really cool. Taco, the artist, and his manager trusted my choices and they've been so impressed by the final result and the yield of every single fixture on stage.”

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