JBL releases AMP Series for China market
Monday, 3 August 2020
jblampseriesThe system is designed for classrooms, meeting spaces and small-scale speaking environments
China - JBL Professional has introduced the JBL Professional AMP Series of presentation audio systems to the Chinese market.
The JBL AMP (Amplifier, Microphone and Processor) Series brings JBL fidelity and performance to “versatile, intuitive, all-in-one audio systems for classrooms, meeting spaces and small-scale speaking environments”.
The collection, which includes AMP150 and AMP350 integrated amplifiers, AMP-H wireless handheld UHF microphone and AMP-N wireless hands-free/neck-worn UHF microphone, lets presenters communicate clearly and consistently without worrying about system operation - regardless of their A/V experience level - thanks to robust connectivity options, built-in effect presets and one-touch wireless sync. A choice of 40 UHF channels ensures interference-free operation in multi room facilities.
The 150-watt AMP150 and the 350-watt AMP350 let users optimise speech presence and intelligibility with built-in pro-grade EQ and reverb effects and tailor system response with DSP presets including filters, auto-gain and automatic feedback suppression.
Two wireless microphone choices support any presentation style: The handheld AMP-H dynamic microphone features a supercardioid pattern to emphasize the speaker and minimize surrounding sounds; the hands-free/neck-worn AMP-N condenser microphone can be adjusted to ensure clearest voice capture and optimum speech intelligibility. Dedicated Mute buttons on both models block out noisy distractions. Wireless microphones seamlessly synchronize with AMP150 and AMP350 processors, making setup fast and easy, and feature a best-in-class 12-hour battery life—triple the operating time of competing systems.
“When you’re presenting important ideas, every word matters,” says Daryl Wong, director, China product development, Harman Professional Solutions. “With the JBL AMP Series, speakers can instantly sound their best, thanks to simple presets and built-in effects. And, push-button wireless sync takes the guesswork out of pairing components: One touch and you’re ready to go. It’s an incredibly simple system that delivers premium sound while making it easy for presenters to keep the focus on their message, not their equipment.”

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