Brothers opt for Mackie microphones
Friday, 4 September 2020
brothersMackie, distributed in the UK by Polar, offers a range of ‘practical and competitive options’
UK - Sam Jones has his own show on Insanity Radio, an award-winning FM and online station based at Royal Holloway University in Surrey. Since March, he has hosted Insanity’s Friday night Lockdown show - from Cardiff - with flatmate Alex Williams.
Presenting a show remotely has its challenges, but Jones has done as much as possible to ‘studio-fy’ his spare room, excluding as much noise as possible. When the coronavirus lockdown struck, he had already taken the decision to invest in a new microphone, having suffered in the past from a few reliability issues. Looking for great value, great audio and a robust piece of equipment, he decided to go with the Mackie EM-91C large-diaphragm condenser microphone and loved what he got:
“Just taking the mic out of the box gives you that feeling of solidity. I figured that if the audio is as good as the build quality, it’s going to be seeing me through plenty of broadcasting! And lo and behold, it’s excellent. I’ve used a number of different microphones in different settings, including in nicely-appointed studios, some of which cost considerably more than the EM91-C, but in terms of quality and value, it’d be hard to beat.”
140 miles away in Buckinghamshire, Jones' younger brother Tal is working in another studio conversion - his bedroom - on a body of material that is finding favour with a growing number of fans.
As a music student and artist, working within tight budget constraints dictates that every investment in his setup needs to reflect great value for money. At the same time, in a tech-savvy world where anything less than excellent audio is not an option, quality counts. Having done his research, Tal followed his brother’s path and opted for the EM-91C.
Tal reports, “The mic itself does everything I need it to do. The audio quality is great and it’s very solid. The fact that it comes with a shock mount and an XLR cable is great as well. The cable locks in very snugly to the mic and the shock mount is uncomplicated and effective. I doubt it could be beaten on all-round value for money.”

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