Lake Garda venue adds Adorn and Blackline
Thursday, 17 September 2020
martinThe new-look Centrale Caffe
Italy - Situated in the northern Italian town of Arco, the Centrale Caffe recently underwent a complete renovation, which in addition to the general interior and patio also included the sound and video systems.
Local contractors, Iiriti srl, were brought in, and having installed Martin Audio systems many times in the past, again recommended the brand - as did the project architect Thomas Matteotti.
Owners Ciroc Srl had commissioned the substantial upgrade just before the COVID19 lockdown. Special attention was paid to the terrace, which has been completely renewed, with three Blackline X8 mounted horizontally on the external walls of the patio. Meanwhile, 10 Adorn A55 loudspeakers populate the main room and lounge.
The system was designed by Iiriti owner, Giacomo Galassi, and supplied by Audiosales srl, Martin Audio’s territorial distributor.
The sound system, which is split into three audio zones, is controlled by the customer’s computer running Xilica X-Touch App, with two quad channel power amplifiers driving the loudspeakers. The video system is controlled from the AVPro Edge video matrix, integrated into X-Touch.
According to Giacomo Galassi, “The new audio system guarantees optimum sound and helps create the perfect atmosphere throughout the entire day - from breakfast to after-dinner.
“A complete renovation of this nature required a step forward in sound quality as well, and once again Martin Audio has been able to provide this.”
The new-look Centrale Caffe is proving to be a landmark for both locals and tourists alike, since Arco and the surrounding area is a destination hotspot, located close to Lake Garda.

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