tvONE CORIOmaster2 makes US debut
Friday, 18 September 2020
emergencyThe 911 Emergency Operations Centre in Peoria, Illinois
USA - Following the recent launch of its new CORIOmaster2 all-in-one, multi-window video processor, tvONE has announced the first installation of the product, as part of a system upgrade for a 911 Emergency Operations Centre in Peoria, Illinois.
The centre has been handling emergency ambulance dispatch and critical medical services for regions throughout Illinois and Iowa for almost a decade, and its previous audio-visual system was beginning to fail. To fix the problem, they approached local company IAS Technology, a specialist in the design and installation of professional audio/video systems.
“Because of the critical nature of the centre’s work, the AV system plays a vital role in the provision of services,” says IAS Technology’s CEO and chief design engineer, Jeremy Caldera. “It displays GPS mapping/tracking, call data, and other critical information, which can be seen at each individual workstation, as well as by the dispatchers and the watch floor manager on the high-resolution video wall.”
Caldera designed a system including two new 4K Laser projectors, with edge-blending handled by a brand new, high-powered processor that he knew had just arrived on the market, tvONE’s CORIOmaster2. A 4RU package optimized for 4K60 environments, the CORIOmaster2 can handle up to 40 4K video sources with no visible latency and up to 56 outputs.
“A common challenge with this kind of installation is working within the confines of a reasonable budget, while still utilizing new technologies and providing better resolution,” says Caldera. “With tvONE’s CORIOmaster2, we were able to allow for much higher resolution sources and displays to be used and edge-blended, all with low latency.”
The IAS Technology team completed the installation of the entire audio-visual system upgrade, with minimum interference to the centre’s operations, over a two-day period.
“The programming and interfacing of the control system were critical to a successful user experience,” says Caldera. “The key was to add features while not changing the way the system operates or looks. This helped minimize the required training and kept the users at ease.”
He concludes, “Looking forward, CORIOmaster2 will enable us to offer high quality solutions for a wide variety of display applications, and we are currently designing the product into a variety of LED video wall solutions for other larger manufacturing clients.”

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