Brompton processing for Big Picture studio
Friday, 25 September 2020
bigpicturestudiocityscapeThe live event studio offers a professional soundproof studio with full backstage facilities
Australia - When Big Picture announced its partnership with South West Solutions and Ikonix to offer ‘the most technologically advanced and connected virtual event space in Australia’, the industry was anticipating something spectacular. They were not disappointed. Top-of-the-range technology means the new premium live event studio facility in Sydney transcends all expectations, with Brompton Tessera processing playing significant part in its success.
The live event studio offers a professional soundproof studio with full backstage facilities, global broadcast-grade fibre connectivity and industry-leading production technology.
The main studio set showcases a 40sq.m ROE Black Onyx 2.8mm LED screen, made up of 243 panels in its largest configuration, built in a concave curve. Dual ROE Carbon 3mm LED screens are used for presenter feedback, showing visuals like remote audiences and presenter notes, all connected by Barco E2 control system and disguise GX2C media servers.
The secondary set features an XR stage offering complete virtual set customisation with Panasonic 4k PTZ cameras, with total tracking integration to the disguise servers and presenter interaction in real-time.
“We chose Brompton for both our main and secondary sets, with four Tessera SX40 4K LED processors and 10 Tessera XD 10G data distribution units running in the main studio, with the XR stage using Tekken 3.9mm LED screens running off Brompton Tessera S4 processors,” explains Josh Moffat, business development at Big Picture.
“We have been using Brompton processing for years,” adds Moffat. “Their colour control and depth of image manipulation coupled with advanced remote control makes the company the perfect LED processing solution for this workflow. We have also found pre-sets very useful and the OSCA seam correction feature is incredible.”
“Ikonix and Big Picture have worked collaboratively on a number of projects over the years,” says Zachary Burton, director at Ikonix. “2020 has created new opportunities in the virtual market and, as we have strengths in content design and technical integration, our relationship has grown even stronger. Ikonix’s team of animators and programmers create virtual environments and program the integration from real world hardware into the virtual space. We know we can always trust our content will be delivered at a high standard with products like Brompton processing delivering the end result. It has been a great learning experience and we look forward to more exciting opportunities in the future."

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