WOMAD announces training bursary scheme
Thursday, 1 October 2020
womadThe WOMAD site crew at Charlton Park I Photo: Archive
UK - In response to this COVID-19 crisis, WOMAD and the WOMAD Foundation have announced a new funding opportunity, The Training and Professional Development Bursary Scheme aimed at festival production crew and artists.
The foundation has also launched a fundraising appeal to raise more funds for people who need help. For further details, eligibility criteria and on how to apply for a bursary or to donate to the WOMAD Foundation and help the people who make events, visit www.womadfoundation.org
WOMAD and the WOMAD Foundation are concerned by the devastating impact the pandemic has had on the arts sector in the UK and the thousands of people who have lost a year’s work and are without income for the foreseeable future.Very few have benefited from government support packages, WOMAD notes.
The foundation says in a statement: “At WOMAD, we know as well as anyone how important these people are to making festivals and events happen and what an extraordinary range of skills they possess. These are skills that can transfer into other areas of our economy now and into an uncertain future. This community of crew, technicians, caterers, artists and everyone who makes the difficult look easy, the people who #WeMakeEvents need help.”
WOMAD founder Peter Gabriel states: “Live events around the world and across the entire landscape, from major festivals to grassroots venues and business events have been devastated. The live events sector employs over 600,000 highly skilled people in the UK - event production, audio, lighting, video, logistics, planning, transportation, and technology - over 70% of which are freelancers. All of whom have had no work for the past six months with little likelihood of restarting until Spring 2021 at the earliest.
“A lot of high arts have now been given some support, but people working on the festival side of things and in live events have been forgotten about and I hope they are not forgotten about any longer. This industry urgently needs proper support of the like that has been given to many other businesses. Without this immediate support from government, the entire supply chain is at risk of collapse.“
(Jim Evans)

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