Bandit and Moo TV partner up at Venue One
Friday, 2 October 2020
v1-1Venue One at Bandit Lites
USA - Bandit Lites and Moo TV are offering another collaboration at Bandit’s Venue One space, complete with a full lighting and video setup. With 10,000sq.ft of open space, clients will have access to the industry’s best in lighting and video.
The lighting system is comprised of six 20ft curved towers each loaded with Chauvet R2X wash, Chauvet R1 FXB and Chauvet RH1 Hybrid fixtures topped with an Elation Smarty Hybrid. The front 25ft truss has GLP X4 wash units and a BMFL spot controlled by the Robe RoboSpot system, while a rear centre Robe BMFL spot is also on the RoboSpot system. In the centreis a 10ft circle loaded with more Chauvet R2X washes and Ayrton Magic Dots as well as a 36” mirror ball on its own chain hoist.
The entire system is laced with 500ft of TMB LED programmable festoons. Base Hazer Pro units provide the haze, and all of this is controlled with a grandMA2 full size desk running software.
Booking Venue One includes access to the fully-outfitted, massive production space, as well as virtual programming suites, two loading docks and a ramp for a quick and easy load-in and loadout, high-speed Wi-Fi access, dressing room, kitchen areas and private restrooms. The turnkey package includes room rental with power, access to above amenities, the Bandit Lites lighting rig and Moo TV video panels as well as two lighting tech leads and one video engineer.
Clients will also save on load in and load out, as all the gear is already installed. Optional services are also available, including livestream services, additional lighting and spots, a lighting director, post-production and more.
The team at Venue One takes health and safety seriously, following the Event Safety Alliance Event Safety Guide for Live Entertainment Events.
Venue One also requires daily screenings of everyone entering the venue via an online questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire and having their temperature checked, everyone receives a wristband identifying them as being cleared to be in the building.

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