ADJ sets the mood for supercar launch
Thursday, 15 October 2020
car-launchThe Gemera is marketed as the world’s first ‘Mega-GT’ (grand tourer)
Poland - When the new $1.9m Koenigsegg Gemera supercar was officially launched to the Polish market last month, the VIP event included a lighting rig created using more than 50 ADJ fixtures. Providing mood lighting while the VIP guests arrived, the rig was then used - together with low-lying fog from an ADJ Entour Ice - to create a high-impact reveal for the star of the show.
The Gemera is marketed by the Swedish high-performance sports car manufacturer as the world’s first ‘Mega-GT’ (grand tourer). The limited production car is a four-seater with a hybrid engine and spacious interior, but offers sports car performance. Capable of going from 0-100km/h (62mph) in just 1.9 seconds, and with a top speed of 400 km/h (249mph), if offers the true sports car experience to the driver and up to three passengers.
Since it was first announced at the beginning of the year, the car has attracted a lot of attention from the supercar-loving mega-rich all over the world. So, when the first one arrived in Poland, Koenigsegg’s local distributor, Maranello Motors (part of the Pietrzak Group), decided to host an event worthy of both the record-breaking car and its potential new owners. Having previously worked with the company before on other projects, they brought in local event organization and production company Falp to transform the event space with light, video and effects.
The team at Falp were given the creative freedom to design and produce the overall event as well as the actual premiere of the Gemera, which ran prior to the car being unveiled to guests.
Falp event manager, Magdalena Pietrasiak, explains, “It was an honour for us to be a part of the grand premiere of the Gamera, and it is all thanks to our CEO, Przemysław Szymanek; we are able to work on amazing projects like this because of his vision. Our client, the Pietrzak Group, trusted us to design and create everything about the event, they just told us what cars would be on display. To match the Koenigsegg brand and the luxurious feel of the new car, we ensured a clean installation, with no visible wires and no floor-standing truss. We wanted the focus to be on the cars, and we used ADJ lighting to highlight them as well as to enhance the atmosphere for the VIP guests.”
To build anticipation for the moment the Gamera was unveiled, the Falp team designed and programmed a multimedia show that combined video graphics – displayed on a screen behind the car – with lighting, audio, laser effects and low fog generated by an ADJ Entour Ice. The show began with a blackout and then the pace and intensity of the video, audio and lighting elements slowly built to a crescendo at which point the car was dramatically revealed. The key fixtures used for the show were the Vizi Beam Z37, Focus Spot 6Z, Encore Burst 200 and Vizi Beam RXONE.
The recently released Focus Spot 6Z is the current flagship model of ADJ’s popular Focus Series of LED-powered moving head fixtures. For the Gemera launch, two of the units were rigged behind the car to project break-apart GOBO patterns and mid-air beam effects.
In addition to the launch of the Gamera, visitors to the event also had the opportunity to see four of Koenigsegg’s other luxury super cars in the flesh. To illuminate these, and to create a celebratory atmosphere for the whole event, the Falp team also installed three additional trusses filled with ADJ lighting fixtures. These included Vizi Hex Wash7 moving heads for wash lighting as well as Focus Spot Three Z, Focus Spot 4Z and Focus Beam LED moving heads for GOBO projections and mid-air beam effects.
Also, to add to the exclusive feel of the event, a pair of ADJ’s Hydro Beam X2 IP65-rated moving head beam fixtures were setup, at the end of a red carpet, flanking the door to the venue.
“We were very happy with all of the ADJ equipment we used for the Koenigsegg premiere,” states Falp’s event manager, Marta Maszczykowska. “None of the fixtures disappointed us, and they allowed us to realize our vision for the event, nicely highlighting the venue and most importantly the cars.

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