ETC adds fos/4 Fresnel to studio line
Friday, 23 October 2020
etc-fos4-fresnelfos/4 Fresnel is currently available with a seven-inch aperture
USA - ETC has announced the addition of the Fresnel to the fos/4 studio family. With the addition of LEDs, however, many Fresnels became more about the technology and less about light. ETC’s fos/4 Fresnel ‘takes the most desired features of an incandescent Fresnel and adds in the nuanced colour mixing, smooth fades, and LED technology of ETC’s other professional grade fixtures. With fos/4, you get a true Fresnel with an LED engine, not the other way around’.
The fos/4 Fresnel includes ‘all the features you’d expect from a standard Fresnel’. Adjust the 15°-50° zoom from either the front or the rear of the fixture. Use the accessory slot to add any number of beam-control accessories such as barn doors and soft boxes. The adjustable yoke enables easy balancing of the fixture after focus, and the homogenized optic gives you an impressively seamless beam of light. Remote control and contactless features of fos/4 include wireless communication using City Theatrical’s Multiverse technology and contactless programming using ETC’s Set Light app via NFC from a mobile device.
Like the fos/4 Panel, fos/4 Fresnels are available in two arrays - Lustr X8 for the full gamut of colour mixing, and Daylight HDR for the brightest whites. Both arrays include deep red LEDs for the most nuanced rendering of skin tones, fabrics, and scenery of any fixture on the market. The fos/4 Fresnel outputs up to 9700 lumens.
fos/4 Fresnel is currently available with a seven-inch aperture, with 10” and 5” variants scheduled to be available in the coming months.

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