GLP joins Coca-Cola Music Experience
Wednesday, 18 November 2020
glpThe event was recorded for streaming on CokeTV (photo: PRG)
Spain - This year’s annual Coca-Cola Music Experience Festival took place again over two days at Madrid’s WiZink Centre (this year under the name CCME Reloaded, to reflect the COVID-19 restrictions).
The event was recorded for streaming only on CokeTV (the Coca-Cola YouTube channel) and Divinity (
Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, despite the lack of venue atmosphere, the music was non-stop and featured local artists such as Aitana, Ana Guerra, Beret, Twin Melody, Cora Yako, and Lemot.
Working with production company, the Method Agency (under the show direction of Oscar Fernandez), PRG provided an inventory of 124 GLP fixtures, for effects, washlight, and keylight. These included 20 GLP impression X4 XL; 18 GLP impression X4 L; 20 GLP impression X4 Bar 20; 26 GLP impression X4 Bar 10 and 36 GLP Highlander Wash, being used for the first time in Spain. Fixtures were positioned to fulfil different tasks; some on the main rig, others on the floor, for scenography and effects, or to ‘paint’ over the back, sides and audience drops.
The fixtures had been programmed, personalised, and directed by event LD, CaCo García; who was assisted by his lighting operators Juan Manuel Lázaro and Miguel Hidalgo, and worked alongside the visiting LDs accompanying some of the acts. “We built up a specific sequence of cues for each artist or performance.” Garcia said. “We used a grandMA2 with three consoles for programming. Fixtures like the X4 Bar 10 or Bar 20 were very easy to programme in their different modes.”
CaCo, who has worked on the event for many years, is also completely familiar with the GLP portfolio, having turned to the company's products many times in the past. “I know the quality and good results that they offer,” he stated. “ Together with PRG's project managers we again selected some of the GLP fixtures to resolve a few of our needs.”
GLP products are distributed in Spain by Monacor Iberia, which provided the Highlander software updater to allow set up of the new Highlander Wash.
Aside from the lighting, PRG again provided all the rigging and sound (as it has since the first edition) and the company’s Juan Carlos Garcia agreed that all the GLP fixtures had performed flawlessly, a view that was shared by Monacor Iberia general manager, José Carlos de las Heras.

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