Doughty helps shine light on Global Street Art
Tuesday, 15 December 2020
global-street-artGlobal Street Art is known for its hand-painted advertising campaigns
UK - When event management, lighting and creative design company, Absolute Events was asked by Global Street Art to light up a series of advertisements painted on walls around London, Doughty Engineering was brought on board to help secure the lighting firmly and safely in place.
Global Street Art is known for its hand-painted advertising campaigns with well-known consumer brands. Jonathan explained: "We've been working with Global Street Art to light up their amazing advertising artwork for a number of years now and we rely on Doughty to help us secure the lighting effectively.
“I have known of their products for my entire professional life and was keen to make sure their kit was used on this project so I brought Rigging Services on board who handle the specialised side of fixing the relevant products in place. Initially I approached a couple of companies who said that the plans we had could not be achieved, and then I approached Rigging Services who were willing and able to fulfil the brief – so we've been working together on projects around London for the past five years."
Using a selection of off the shelf Doughty kit including brackets (which are secured by the Rigging Services team and then tested to 100kg) and scaff bars, the lights are then secured in place. "If Global Street Art is using UV paints, we use UV lights. If not, we have flood lights which are just as effective at lighting up the art but essentially the rigging kit remains the same.”
With the lights having to stay in place for anywhere between two and six weeks depending on the project, Jonathan says its vital that the kit is robust enough to withstand both the weight of the lights and the unpredictability of the elements. "In a year that has seen the entire live events supply chain knocked sideways, we appreciate having reputable companies like Doughty on hand to supply high quality goods and advice more than ever.
“There is no point in promising a client their desired outcome if you cannot deliver. The Doughty range ensures there is always a solution and I feel confident, undertaking a bespoke project, that there will always be something in Doughty's Little Blue Book that will fit the needs of the job."

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