EclCyclorama 100 lights Concerto di Natale
Monday, 18 January 2021
nataleThe latest edition of the annual show took place at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome
Italy - The annual musical event Concerto di Natale has taken place once again, gathering international pop, rock, soul, gospel and opera voices and broadcast on Canale 5 on Christmas Eve.
The 28th edition took place at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome. Show designer Francesco De Cave was responsible for the lighting, adding to his portfolio of working with artists like Laura Pausini, Elisa, and many TV Shows, including previous editions to this one.
The Italian lighting designer chose Prolights EclCyclorama 100 for this year's Christmas Concert: “I needed a fixture that could light the faces of our artists on stage from below. The EclCyclorama 100 has proven to be an excellent product for lighting backdrops and to make fine adjustments to the picture seen on-camera,” said Francesco.
He added: “The 80º x 40º of angle provided by the Cyc was perfect for this role. I can identify three important features that this product has: the field spread, the perfect dimming and, finally, the great colours obtained through its RGB+WW source.”
The EclCyclorama 100 has been proving increasingly popular for TV shows, thanks to its low-profile form factor and level of brightness. The fixture is also broadcast friendly and includes a high CRI value.

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