3LR confirms Albert certification
Thursday, 21 January 2021
albertAlbert is the authority on environmental sustainability for film and TV
UK - 3LR Lighting has received Albert Certification. Albert is the authority on environmental sustainability for film and TV, whose role is to advise stakeholders in the industry on effective measures to reduce carbon footprint. 3LR achieved its certification as a result of its commitment to the promotion of green products and methods across every area of its business.
MD Matthew Lloyd is very proud: “The brands we represent all strive towards creating environmentally friendly products, and the 3LR team has vast experience of helping to deliver green solutions across the different sectors in which we operate. Albert is a BAFTA organisation, funded by the industry, which plays a very important role in offering training and advice to those involved in production, enabling them to develop and embed sustainability in all their practices.
“At 3LR, we represent a number carefully chosen brands and make recommendations to clients about what will work best for their particular project - sustainability is a central part of that consultation process, so we are delighted to be recognised in this way.”

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