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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
showtime1Showtime At The Drive-In
USA - Throughout the fall and into the holiday season, Showtime Sound and director of design and production Aaron Kovelman staged Showtime At The Drive-In, a series of concerts coproduced with AutoFlex Entertainment. Held at an improvised drive-in venue at the Frederick Fairgrounds, Frederick MD, the series featured popular artists such as moe, Grace Potter, KIX, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Goose, Dark Star Orchestra, Mt. Joy and Blackberry Smoke.
Holding over 300 cars spread out over a wide area, the drive-in offered an experience that’s far from the ideal concert setting, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. “All of us are determined to provide people with the best possible show, regardless of the circumstances,” said Kovelman. “With everyone so spread out at this site, we had to create visuals that were very bold and looked good from any angle.”
Helping Kovelman and his team accomplish this goal was an almost exclusively Chauvet Professional rig that was anchored by 16 Maverick MK3 Profile fixtures. The powerful 820-watt LED movers played a variety of roles in lighting the concert series, including the important task of engaging the widely dispersed audience with dynamic and colourful crowd lighting.
Calling the Maverick units the “workhorses” of his rig, Kovelman positioned eight of them on towers. Their 51,000 source lumen output gave him more-than-ample punch to cover the audience with light, while the 120ﹾ rotation allowed dynamic crowd sweeps.
Kovelman drew on the CMY + CTO colour-rendering capabilities to set an immersive tone throughout not only the stage, but the entire venue. Using the house tower-mounted fixtures, an array of bold primary colours, as well as softer pastels created a uniformity for attendees and performers alike.
The remaining eight Maverick MK3 Profile fixtures in the rig were arranged across the upstage deck. From this position, they were used to create gobos from behind the bands, adding depth to the relatively small stage. Kovelman also added to the dramatic effect of the light shows by relying on the profile to silhouette band members. For added colour, 16 Rogue R2 washes were flown overhead to help wash the performance area.
“We incorporated as many high energy looks into our show as possible,” said Kovelman. “There were challenges involved in this project, not the least of which was setting up the stage and rig while maintaining social distancing, but the results spoke for themselves. As we’ve been planning for the next round of events at the venue, fixtures like the MK3’s will certainly be a key part of it.”

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