Nautilus becomes employee-owned business
Wednesday, 3 February 2021
nautilus-logoNED has provided lighting design, theatre consulting, and A/V system design for projects worldwide
USA - Nautilus Entertainment Design, Inc. (NED) has announced that after 30 years in business, the company founders Laura and Jim Tetlow, are selling their stock to the company ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan.) With this sale, the company will become 100% employee-owned. Jim Tetlow will continue in a consultancy role as principal consultant and lighting designer for select shows and projects in an effort to provide NED’s clients with a multi-year seamless transition.
Jim Tetlow comments, “When we started the business 30 years ago, our focus was on lighting design for TV and live events. At that time, it never occurred to us that we would expand into so many more disciplines including architectural lighting design, A/V system design, and theatre consulting. One of our proudest achievements is the fact that we have built a team of professionals that excel in their work across live events, cruise ships, architectural installations and themed entertainment.”
Continuing in their leadership roles with NED are principal consultants Bill Havens and Brian Pratt, both of whom will assume the responsibilities of managing directors.
Joanna Rodriguez, vice president of business operations will serve as chief financial officer and came to NED three years ago from Bank of America.
Jim Tetlow states, “Laura and I are excited about this new chapter in the life of the company and we are confident that moving forward, Bill, Brian and Joanna’s roles will provide the continuity and leadership for Nautilus to continue to thrive and grow.”
Since 1990, NED has provided lighting design, theatre consulting, and A/V system design for projects worldwide, with specific expertise in cruise ships, themed entertainment, and live special events. Based in San Diego, NED employs over 20 professionals including theatre consultants, lighting and A/V designers and project managers.

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