PixMob team plays Super Bowl Halftime Show
Tuesday, 9 February 2021
pix-mobThe PixMob team at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium
USA - Immersive experience experts PixMob scored with both football and music fans alike at the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show featuring a performance by R&B star The Weeknd at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.
Following on the heels of PixMob’s success lighting up last year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show - which featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira and drew over 104m viewers - PixMob were tapped once more (their third time overall) to provide an epic game-day experience.
Employing over 22,500 LED wristbands for live audience members (and some 30,000 adapted LEDs for the cardboard cut-out ones), 500 ‘flares’ (ultra-powerful LEDs) for the performers on the field, 75 LED masks, and 150 ‘light-up eyes’ (on face shields) for the choir, PixMob demonstrated their ability to turn audiences into part of the show while creating a pulsating, colourful and entrancing canvas of light for viewers at home.
“We’re very happy and honoured to be doing the Super Bowl Halftime Show for a second year in a row, especially during these exceptional pandemic conditions. We approached it as both a challenge and an opportunity, and we are very pleased to have been able to offer such an uplifting experience for everyone watching this extraordinary event during these unprecedented times,” said Jean-Olivier Dalphond, president of PixMob.
Best known for their respected events record - from tours with Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes and the Spice Girls to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and NHL and NBA playoff games — PixMob has shifted and adapted to today’s pandemic reality with the creation of Safeteams, a new initiative tackling the pandemic in the events, commercial and industrial sectors.
Utilizing PixMob’s proprietary wearable technologies, Safeteams assists organisations wishing to reopen or maintain safe operations during COVID-19. Safeteams provides social distancing and contact tracing solutions that create safe work environments through the use of connected devices designed to help stop the spread of the virus within workplaces.
Interest in, and adoption of, Safeteams has been extremely high: over 50 US Canadian and Quebec-based companies are now working with Safeteams.

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