DTS set to reveal new-look website
Thursday, 18 February 2021
dts‘Everything will be presented in a new way’
Italy - DTS Lighting is set to reveal its new look company website (www.dts-lighting). The improved platform, on-line from March 2021, will be easy to use and navigate and will give the users a fast way into the world of DTS, says the manufacturer.
The website is now a renovated hub for data besides being a new practical instrument for clients, distributors, architects, designers, and users all around the professional market. “Everything will be presented in a new way that will recall what has been already seen during 2020: the graphical restyling which highlights the orange and gray colours of the new company image.”
Sales director Raffaella Scaccia comments: “For us it is always more and more important that information and instructions regarding solutions and services can be easily accessed and this is why we have focused on making the navigation faster and more user-friendly.
“We have done everything we could in order to accurately update the available data and documentation and we are positive that this new website will become a platform for sharing our experience and knowledge regarding design, manufacture, and communication with our partners, both present and future.
The website offers the ability to log-in from the main menu to the more relevant products for the user’s needs. DTS has chosen to split the products into two areas dedicated to entertainment and architainment, to make navigation easier to all users and offer a more dedicated display of those products which are more relevant to one market or the other.
A richer and content-filled home page will always show the latest news regarding the company and, thanks to the new social feed area, it will directly put on display the latest social media news and content.
This overall update has been designed so that, besides having an easier navigation, a more efficient and faster communication can be achieved by the user, who will be oriented towards the DTS world more intuitively.

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