Claypaky battens debut on Kino reunion concert
Friday, 26 February 2021
claypakykino1-mainThe online concert teased Kino’s major stadium tour planned for this spring
Russia - Rock band Kino celebrated its reunion with an online concert, which wowed the Russian rock community and teased Kino’s major stadium tour planned for this spring. The online performance was the first show to use Claypaky’s new Tambora Batten fixtures, which were selected by lighting designer Marina Larikova.
The online concert reunited members of the band who had not appeared together since the death of Kino’s lead singer, Victor Tsoi, in 1990. The performance featured two bass players who had played at different times with the original band, Kino’s original guitarist, a synthesizer player and a rhythm guitarist. Victor Tsoi’s presence was felt in the show when his multitrack recordings were digitised, enhanced and incorporated into the concert. Tsoi’s son Alexander was one of the show producers.
Claypaky’s Tambora, a high-power batten made its debut on the concert.
“We at Blackout Studio feel really honoured to be among the first rental companies in the world to receive the latest Claypaky fixtures,” says manager Igor Piotrowski. “We appreciate the trust shown by Claypaky and its CIS brand-manager, Slawa Gartung, to make this happen. We have been looking forward to the introduction of this type of batten fixture by Claypaky and are pleased to have Tambora Battens in our rental stock now.
“As always with Claypaky,” he says, “this fixture is a great example of Italian design and impresses with the materials used to create the body of the fixture. The LED modules used in the Tambora Batten are the same as those in Claypaky’s K25 fixtures, which make it super bright and produce rich and natural colors. And the optics allow users to create almost parallel beam effects at 4º.”
“The fact that this event was the first for the Tambora Battens worldwide made the cooperation between us and the Claypaky support team crucial to the show’s success,” says Larikova. “When we had confirmation for the show, the fixtures were delivered and mounted by Blackout Studio right on time, and we had full support from Claypaky on the commissioning, set up and lighting desk library creation, which saved me a lot of time with the show programming.”
She found the Tambora Battens to be “very powerful and fast fixtures. Due to their compact size and light weight, there was no problem mounting them at a 90º angle. They worked perfectly throughout the show and attracted a lot of attention despite being used in front of a large and bright LED video screen.”
According to Larikova, Kino’s online reunion concert served as “a kind of rehearsal for the grand stadium tour scheduled to take place this spring. At those events we plan to use a wider range of Claypaky fixtures and excite every spectator with unique lighting and stage design solutions.”
She pays tribute to the Leningrad production team and technical director Alexander Aydakin for making the show happen during the coronavirus pandemic. “I also want to thank Blackout Studio for its support and professionalism and Claypaky for the support we received during the set-up of the show from Engineer Jiulii Sabeva and Slawa Gartung,” says Larikova.

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