ADJ lights Nicky Romero’s NYE broadcast
Tuesday, 2 March 2021
adjThe lighting rig for the shoot comprised predominately ADJ fixtures
USA - For DJ, producer and remixer Nicky Romero, New Year’s Eve would normally involve travelling to an exotic destination to perform in a club in front of thousands of fans. To mark the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, that couldn’t happen. Instead, he stayed local and recorded a performance that was broadcast to fans around the world from his website to help them to celebrate the New Year at home.
The lighting rig for the shoot comprised predominately ADJ fixtures, including Vizi Beam RXONE and Vizi CMY300 moving heads as well as Pixie Strip LED battens.
Nicky Romero’s NYE broadcast also featured guest DJs DØBER and Timmo Hendriks who performed a back-to-back set. The venue for the shoot was Downtown Veenendaal, a modern community meeting space housed in a 100+ year old former church building. The livestream was organised by Artist Division, Nicky Romero's management company, and Ronald de Man, through his company RDM Productions, was responsible for managing the project. He brought in local rental company NT Sound to supply all of the lighting and audio equipment, which completely transformed the space to create a nightclub environment.
For the Nicky Romero NYE video shoot, NT Sound owner/manager Jonathan Jansen served as lighting designer - supplying all of the fixtures from NT Sound’s rental inventory. Koen van Elderen, who has experience of touring with Nicky, was then responsible for programming and operating the rig.
To fill the space with beam effects, NT Sound provided 28 ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE fixtures. Jonathan’s team hung 12 of the fixtures from railings on a mezzanine balcony, six on each side, positioned at a 45° angle to allow the beams to sweep under the balcony and also up towards the roof. In addition, they set 16 of the fixtures directly on the floor of the venue, in two angled lines of eight, running from the back corners of the space towards the DJ booth at the front.
“The RXONE is an amazing fixture,” enthuses Jonathan. “It’s really small, it’s very powerful and it does exactly what it needs to do. It is simple but effective. It has all the features I need and doesn’t have any unnecessary ‘extras’. There is one nice prism, one nice frost filter and then a bunch of usable colours and GOBOs on very fast wheels. It also doesn’t break down, which is very important for me. For the events we do, I like to use 30-40 of the same fixture type on my rigs, and I want to know they are all going to work when we switch them on and keep working throughout the whole night.”
The other type of moving head fixture utilized within the lighting rig was ADJ’s Vizi CMY300. For the Nicky Romero NYE shoot, four of the fixtures were positioned on the floor behind the DJ position, while four additional units were placed on the balcony - two on each side - to project GOBO patterns up into the venue’s vaulted ceiling space.
With a relatively large space to work in, and no crowd to fill it, pixel-mapping was the obvious solution to ensure there were no blank spaces in wide video shots. The main floor of the venue was filled with four runs of Mega Tri Bar LED battens, which were arranged end-to-end to create continuous lines of LEDs that ran from the back of the venue right up to the front of the DJ booth. These were angled - to match the rows of RXONEs - so that all of the ground-level lighting drew viewers' eyes towards the central DJ position.
To fill in the sides of the venue, Jonathan made use of ADJ’s new Pixie Strip series of compact pixel-mappable linear LED fixtures. Six of the 1m Pixie Strip 60 units were mounted vertically, raised up from the ground, with the stands positioned between pairs of RXONEs.
To complete the lighting rig, Jonathan utilised 12 of ADJ’s powerful 32 HEX Panel IP LED wash fixtures to illuminate the ceiling and rear wall of the venue.

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