The Blank Space opens with fashion shoot
Tuesday, 2 March 2021
blank-space-c-eventsThe Blank Space is up and running in Cape Town
South Africa - With travel restrictions in place, the show has to go on, albeit digitally. For an international fashion show, four South African fashion designers were able to shoot their latest work at The Blank Space, a venue created by the CCPP Group in Cape Town. While everyone missed the audience, the upside saw the production team working in a more relaxed setting where they were able to capture the looks needed for their submissions.
The Blank Space is a venue that was created by CCPP Group (founded by Clint Cawood in 2006 as Clint Cawood Professional Productions), specifically for the fashion shoot. Thanks to its success, the functional space has since hosted various events and is a solution for studio and film productions, virtual product launches, game shows and music performances. CCPP Group has utilised 300 sqm within the warehouse, situated in Ndabeni, Maitland, to provide a 22m x 12m work area equipped with professional gear including a Robe lighting rig, grandMA light console and a PA system.
“Towards the end of last year, there were certain designers who could not get to an international fashion show due to Covid-19 travel limitations and had to fill in their slots from a South African site,” explains Andrew Gleave, operations manager at CCPP Group and designer for the fashion shoot. “Instead of hiring a venue, they opted to use our warehouse. With an industrial look and open feel, they liked the concrete floor with the beam of light forming a runway down the centre so much, that they chose not to build an actual stage.”
The fashion shoot included a Prolyte Ground support where 20 Robe BMFL Blades were rigged on the overhead centre. Parallel on either side of the centre truss, was a row of 16 Robe DL4S fixtures. “The Robe BMFL Blades were great and we used the shutter blades and framing to create the lighting projected runaway on the floor area, while the Robe DLF4S came in from the sides, where we used framing and movement sequences to create nice looking effects,” he explains.
The eye-catching entrance and backdrop to the runway comprise of two square walls, each consisting of 10 Robe Spiiders, 20 LEDBeam 150s and 10 LED panels. Andrew used the Spiiders’ central MCFE (Mulit-Coloured Flower Effects), driven by 60W RGBW LED multichip, to create a starry effect for an evening shoot, the sharp spikes of light complimented with haze.
Rohard Oosthuizen programmed and controlled the lighting rig on a grandMA light. “I have used the grandMA platform since the brand first came to South Africa, and it’s an easy platform to work on, backed up with great service,” said Andrew. “The performance of the console on this show was great, and we were very happy,”
Black draping surrounded the working area at a 270° angle, allowing the photographers to shoot from one open side and around the back. The event included 12 models, four designers, five photographers/ videographers and four CCPP Group technical crew members.
“The production team would select a designer, there would be a quick rehearsal and then the shoot,” said Andrew. “This was not live, so the creative team could stop and go as needed. When the models put on their fashionwear, it was the first time that anyone had seen the garments, which also added to the excitement.”
Having worked on countless fashion shows throughout his career, Andrew says the vibe was notably different. “The atmosphere ended up being more relaxed compared to a live fashion show and with a smaller group of people, it really was enjoyable. We ran off our own generators and all the kit was our own. If the designers or photographers wanted to change anything, we could redo the shoot and from that perspective, with post edit afterwards, there are certainly advantages.”
Since the fashion show, the CCP Group has hosted numerous still photography, advertising and film shoots.

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