ASG and Chauvet turn Red Fox green
Wednesday, 3 March 2021
lightitgreenThe Red Fox bathed in green
UK - Set in a thickly wooded area and set off by manicured gardens in Thronton Hough on The Wirral, The Red Fox restaurant started life as a manor house in the late 19th Century.
For a period this February, the stately landmark took on a more contemporary appearance when it was bathed in brilliant green by a collection of Chauvet Professional LED fixtures.
Scott Cooper of ASG Entertainments donated the use of the lighting fixtures, along with his expertise, to the Red Fox for the benefit of the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust, whose cancer treatment facilities serve patients in Cheshire, Merseyside and the surrounding areas including the Isle of Man.
Although the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the suspension of many things, cancer has not taken time off. This is why the Clatterbridge Centre initiated a Let’s Go Green campaign to raise funds and awareness. Management of Red Fox elected to participate by asking Cooper to turn their building, as well as some of the surrounding trees, green.
“This venue is a client of ours, and we were only too happy to participate given the worthiness of the cause,” said Cooper. “Plus, it was fun to create a compelling image throughout this impressive site.”
Cooper used COLORado Quad 1 Par fixtures to light the exterior of the main restaurant building. Relying on the intense output and powerful throw distance of these RGBW units, he was easily able to reach the uppermost levels of the building with light. He was also able to connect to the building‘s power source without needing additional cabling, thanks to the COLORado Quad 1 Par’s outdoor rated connectors.
However, given the expanse of the Red Fox and its grounds not all of the site was within easy reach of power sources. For these areas, Cooper used 18 battery powered and IP65 rated WELL Fit uplights. Positioned at the base of trees and various ground structures, these RGBA fixtures had more than enough output to cover the grounds in green.
To lend added support to the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Red Fox donated £1 for every meal sold during the campaign. Unfortunately, those meals had to be takeaways, as the COVID-19 safety protocols prohibited service inside the restaurant.

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