GLP lights Hamburg’s Salty Dog Studio
Friday, 12 March 2021
salty-dogSalty Dog Studios
Germany - Lighting designer Jerry Appelt and Matthias Meyert have set up their own pre-programming studio under the name Salty Dog, in his home town of Hamburg. Eight GLP impression FR1 TM (Trackmount) can be found in the new premises, set in the historic Zippelhaus.
“Our planning office, Beacon GmbH, has been based in the Zippelhaus in Hamburg's old town for a number of years,” explains Jerry. “So far, we have rented various studios for pre-productions, which apart from the technical equipment, usually don't offer a lot of com-fort. With Salty Dog we wanted to create a really appealing alternative in a prime location, which we of course use ourselves and also rent out.
“In the Salty Dog Studios we have integrated everything that we often missed in other studios. In addition, there is the attractive location directly opposite the Speicherstadt, with a large selection of good hotels and restaurants in the immediate vicinity."
Salty Dog has two fully-equipped pre-programming studios (120sq.m and 35sq.m) as well as additional lounges and a separate kitchen area. The lighting design in the rooms plays an essential role. In order to be as flexible as possible here, the team opted for eight FR1 TM. GLP key account manager Oliver Schwendke, who was involved in the project early on, recommended the small luminaire because of its flexible application options and its subtle look.
In the Salty Dog Studios, five FR1 TM are used in the central hallway, where they specifical-ly highlight the large photo prints that adorn the walls. Three more spotlights are installed in the smaller of the two studios.
“I have used the FR1 a number of times in productions and, in addition to the design, I particularly appreciate the fact that the spotlights emit very good, variable white light, and also strong colours. The output is really considerable given the size. Of course, we make use of the flexibility that these fixtures offer us. In this way, we can not only create changing lighting moods, but also immerse the studio in the customer's CI colours. At Salty Dog, we attach great importance to the overall atmosphere - and the FR1 TM certainly plays its part in that."

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