Saga-Cuisines of India opens with DiGiCo
Friday, 19 March 2021
digicoThe sound system is driven by a new S21 digital mixing desk
India - Saga-Cuisines of India, a Michelin star restaurant in Gurgaon, recently celebrated its opening. To make it an attractive venue for artists and bands, owner Vishal Anand invested in a professional sound system driven by a new S21 digital mixing desk from DiGiCo.
To purchase the mixing console, the management of Saga turned to Sahil Sharma who is a well-known audio engineer for Indian metal band Bloodywood. He is also the audio consultant and mix engineer of the new venue.
“We needed a small format console with maximum I/O for this venue installation,” Sahil shares. “At our price point, there is practically nothing that compares to the quality and convenience of the S21. The new venue will host various music bands, dance shows and multi-genre festivals and the S21 provides more than enough IEM and wedge mixes for any act that plays at Saga. Thanks to Hi-Tech Audio Systems for supplying the console. Their guys are just a call away to help.”
“We provided the S21 along with a D2-Rack that has been set up for ultimate ease of use for the in-house engineer,” explains Vanshaj Sharma, application engineer for DiGiCo at Hi-Tech Audio Systems. “The console offers everything needed for a band’s performance in a venue like Saga. Investing in an intuitive and powerful mixer with a compact footprint like the S21 is a great opportunity for the club and restaurant venue.”
Like so many other industries, the pandemic impacted the Indian hospitality industry. Slowly restaurants, clubs and pubs are coming back into action which has created new opportunities for business owners to open up more mid-sized venues to attract more guests. Open air live concerts are still restricted in the Delhi-NCR region and other metro cities of India, so venues like Saga are hosting limited capacity live shows for their guests under strict regulations.
“With the newly purchased S21, Saga can be one of the premium venues to deliver ace audio output for bands and artists. It is our utmost responsibility to support and make each of our clients aware of the technology and inventory updates. We believe with this approach we can provide the best of DiGiCo in India,” says Nirdosh Aggarwal, director of sales for Hi-Tech Audio Systems.

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