APG key to Des Sons Animés 3D developments
Thursday, 25 March 2021
apg-parisThe Des Sons Animés studio in Paris
France - Immersive sound experience creator, Des Sons Animés (DSA), has recently outfitted its specialist 3D sound studio in Paris with 32 APG iX6 loudspeakers, with more bass reinforcement from the French manufacturer to be added in the near future.
This new audio system will aid DSA in the creation and production of spatialised audio content, as well as facilitating streamed performances, training, research, design, and integration of immersive sound installations.
“The Des Sons Animés studio really is a special place,” says Mathieu Rossier, co-founder and president of the company. “It is a space for creation and research where artists can produce, compose, transform and spatialise their productions using 3D audio technologies. These spatial scores can be broadcast outside the studio, with faithful scaling on many other broadcasting systems.”
The company regularly organises open days, training sessions, and specific workshops around sound spatialisation and interactivity technologies, and has even adapted its services to host various COVID-mandated initiatives, like showcase events for artists and full live-streamed 3D sound events hosted by Rossier himself, who is also known by his electronic music alias, Elephantmat.
“We believe that 3D audio technologies are a natural evolution of the creative process in the world of music, and something that could profoundly affect future artistic and event landscapes,” says Rossier.
Other electronic music producers, such as Christopher Kah and Calling Marian, were keen to sing the praises of the studio. “I had to forget about my perception of stereo sound,” says Kah. “Each sound was able to move, travel, and become shaped by the environment, going forwards or backwards.”
“I've worked with APG for a long time on various projects and I appreciate the team's competence and availability as well as the quality of their speakers,” says Arnault Damien, co-founder and technical director of Des Sons Animés.
“You only have to listen to the products to know what they are worth,” he continues. “When I heard the Uniline Compact range at the Grand T in Nantes, for example, I was very pleasantly surprised by its finesse combined with its covering qualities. With it, you can make quality spatialised sound with just three points attached. My associates on Des Sons Animés trusted me on the choice of speakers for the studio, and we haven’t looked back since.”
DSA initially installed 28 of APG’s iX6 speakers in the studio, which are divided into three ‘crowns’ at different heights, as well as four SB115-M2 for bass reinforcement, which are grouped in pairs in front-to-back configuration in relation to the mixing point. Although the low end of the spectrum is completed (for now) with a double 18-inch Outline unit, the company intends to switch this out for an 18-inch APG subs in the near future.
“We use a Sonic Emotion processor as a Wave Field Synthesis rendering engine, though any spatial sound system can be used,” explains Rossier. “This object-oriented technology allows us to simulate any mixing configuration, whether multi-channel, ambisonics, Auro-3D, or Dolby Atmos. In addition, we also use other tools such as the SPAT Revolution, IRCAM tools, the Dolby suite or Sound Trajectory.
“We have also started to offer 3D sound content creation services, including sound design, music packaging, mixing, and binaural encoding for corporate streaming operators,” says Rossier. “The idea is to enhance their digital events with innovative and exclusive sound content with a real function.”

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